Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Five

The Friday Five is making a comeback! Back in November, I did a Friday Five about my five favorite things about November. Since it's the beginning of March, I thought I'd share my top five favorite things about this month.

1.) March Madness! I'm so excited to see my Tar Heels play in the tourney.

2.) St. Patrick's Day. For me, Saint Patty's Day signals the beginning of spring.

3.) The earth is waking up! I feel like March is when everything starts to turn green.

4.) Only one more month until my birthday! And this year, it's a super sweet sixteenth.

5.) Spring sports. I love spring track, tennis, soccer, baseball, softball and lacrosse. It's such a fun time in the life of the school because lots of people come out for the sporting events and the weather is really nice. Our Girl's Tennis team (above) has been #1 in the state for 4 years and counting!

What are your favorite things about March?

Happy Friday!!



  1. All of these are so exciting! I love March because I feel like Summer is right around the corner.

  2. Just wanted to stop in and say hello! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    I love March because it means I can start to bring the Lilly things out!