Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Five! (a little late)

Please excuse my late post... I had HUGE Biology test today and couple of significant quizzes that I needed to study for last night, so I didn't get my Friday Five post done. But, never fear! I'm here now. And without further ado, I present my Top Five Favorite Things About November.

1.) CORDUROYS! I love when it gets cold enough to break out the cords (usually sometime in November), and I actually just wore this particular pair from J. Crew today!

2.) Thanksgiving, duh! We're officially six days away! I've always loved Thanksgiving because our family and my mom's two brothers and their families and my grandmother and her two brothers and their families all get together to celebrate. It's a magical day filled with love, laughter, and most importantly, FANTASTIC COOKING. I can't wait!
3.) The colors of the trees. Yeah, I suppose this is really a characteristic of Fall in general, but I've found, at least around here, that the leaves are especially vibrant and beautiful come November.

4.) Okay, this one's a weird one, I know, but sweet potatoes. November is peak sweet potato season! Maybe it's my Southern roots, or just some weird quirk, but I honestly believe that these here things are magical. I mean, just listen to what Wikipedia has to say about them: "Besides simple starches, sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohyrates, dietary fiber, beta carotene (a vitamin A equivalent nutrient), vitamin C, and vitamin B6. In 1992, the Center for Science in the Public Interest compared the nutritional value of sweet potatoes to other vegetables. Considering fiber content, complex carbohyrdates, protein, vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium, the sweet potato ranked highest in nutritional value. According to these criteria, sweet potatoes earned 184 points, 100 points over the next on the list, the common potato." I mean, you can't get any better than that. My personal favorite way to slice them up, toss them in some salt, pepper and olive oil and bake them in the oven. Yum, sweet potato french fries.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Movie Poster
5.) November 19, 2010 (A.K.A. TODAY!) I'm so excited to see the new Harry Potter movie!! BB got to go at midnight last night because he didn't have school today and I am so jealous. I think the plan is to go with Mom and Little Brother Sunday and I CAN'T WAIT. I was SO mad that I didn't get to go at midnight, but hey, it's the same movie regardless of when you see it, right? That's what I keep telling myself...

Have a great weekend!


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