Thursday, February 3, 2011

7 Facts Award

The lovely Aly, over at The Aly Way, awarded me the 7 Facts Blog Award. Thanks, girl!

Rule of the award: Once awarded you must write 7 facts about yourself and then award it to fellow blogger; make sure to let them know! Also, link back to the one who awarded you!

7 Bee Facts:

1. I am obsessive about oral hygiene. Like, seriously. Every night, I have to floss, brush, irrigate and swish before I can sleep peacefully.
2. I am the most comfortable in my skin when I'm in Nike shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers at track/XC practice.
3. I believe that Disney Princesses bandaids make everything all better.
4. I am addicted to my mama's sweet tea. It's getting to be a problem.

5. I'm kind of a health freak, despite my cravings for sweet things. I could consist on a diet of only fruit and vegetables for the rest of my life and be blissfully happy.

6. I can't not do my schoolwork. It's sort of annoying sometimes, but for the most part, I like not having to motivate myself to get things done.

7. I'm sort of obsessed with organizing. Alphabetizing, color-coding, you name it, I'll do it. Recently, LB and I re-organized the pantry just because we felt like it! I would seriously love to be a professional organizer when I grow up. 
So, there you have it, folks!
I pass this award on to...

In other news, though, who else was excited that Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow yesterday? Spring, here we come!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Thanks for the award! I am the same way about homework, I have to do it! I'm excited he didnt see his shadow too! Hopefully spring will be here soon!

  2. You're welcome! Great facts... I could live on oranges, pineapple, and grapes!

  3. Thank you so much for the award! I am honored! I wanted to let you know I am hosting a giveaway and you automatically get one entry for commenting on my cardigan post, go check it out!

  4. Thanks so much for the award! I'm the same way about oral hygiene... as an ice breaker for one of my classes we had to go around and share an interesting fact about ourselves, and when this guy said he only brushed his teeth once a day, I freaked!