Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pantry Re-haul and 2nd Semester Update

So I know I mentioned in my 7 Facts Award post that I'm definitely an organizer. And also that LB and I re-organized the pantry the other day... Well, I just thought I'd share some pictures.

LB and I had the day off from school on Monday because it was a teacher workday for the end of the semester. Mama had left a list of things around the house that she wanted done, and we got those done in no time. But as I was going to get the bread out of the pantry to make some grilled cheeses for lunch, I cried out in frustration as a pile of things fell on me when I opened up the pantry door.

So, we decided to do something about it.


It was, most definitely, quite an undertaking, as you can see from the middle photo above, but the look on Mama's face when she opened up the door and saw the results made it all worth it.

I feel like I haven't given an update in awhile, so I'll attempt one now.
This week was crazy. I didn't have a lot of homework or anything, but I started a new class (Driver's Ed, whoop!), so I was a bit out-of-whack all week. I did get a lot of work assigned to do over the weekend, so I'm going to have to really focus in order to get it all done.

Also this week, I was cleared to start working out! (Just biking, swimming and elliptical, though.) I only made it to the gym once, but hope to get back maybe a few times this weekend and next week, for sure.

Last night, Mama and I watched The Young Victoria and I was struck again by how much I love that movie. After it was over, we proceeded to research the history and lineage of the British monarchy for about an hour... We're such dorks.

Today, I'm off to babysit all day for wBg, my favorite 2-year-old in the world. 10:30-5:30. I'm definitely going to get a workout! But he's going to take a nap at some point, so maybe I can get a couple of minutes on the elliptical in while he's sleeping. I'll just have to be really quiet because their gym is in the room next door to W's. 

Tomorrow, I'm just going to be finishing up all the homework I have (blech) and then we're heading to a friend's annual Superbowl party. (However, I'm still not sure who I'm rooting for... Better figure that one out.)

Who do you want to win the big game?

Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Your pantry looked about how ours does! Things are always falling out on me lol. Sounds like a great weekend! I haven't decided on who I'm rooting for either!