Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Navy for Spring

I was perusing the Old Navy website yesterday when I was home sick... Yuck. But not yuck to what I found. Take a look:

I'm totally loving all the bright, fun colors! Also, they have their Perfect Khaki Collection, which are the best pants, shorts and capris you could ask for. Some of these things will have to find their way into my spring wardrobe!

What are your thoughts?

Have a great Thursday!



  1. I'm also seriously digging their new NCAA/NFL/MLB apparel... it's like American Apparel on the cheap! Side note: thanks for your comment on the comforter... still haven't decided but I have till Sunday :)

  2. I love those skirts! I really like all of their scarves..I'm a little obsessed with scarves! Lol:)

  3. I love the new Old Navy stuff!! It has such fun spring clothes!