Monday, December 6, 2010

I miss summer!

With the first snow Saturday night, I thought it only appropriate to reminisce about summer... This summer was probably one of the busiest, but most rewarding summers of my life. I lifeguarded, babysat A TON, went on a mission trip and several vacations, as well as completed an online class. I also went to church camp for the fourth summer in a row, but didn't get many pictures. Even though it was busy, it was a blast. Here are some highlights!

BB and I on our family vacation to Hungry Mother State Park in June.

LB, BB and Dad trying to figure out exactly where we were supposed to go on our hike.

I love this picture! I took it in a classroom in Philadelphia, where I went on my mission trip in July. My friend Kelso and I were helping to teach the kids about bike safety.

This picture definitely embodies that trip for me; I was truly humbled by my experiences helping the under-privileged and homeless in Philly.
This was such a great day... It was one of our last days in Philadelphia, and we were all given $1 with which to buy lunch after we'd given our packed lunches away to homeless people. We were essentially homeless for the afternoon and met some people who, as cheesy as it sounds, changed our lives.

On our last day in PA, we went to see Independence Hall.

This was a girl's beach weekend in August. These are my two best friends, Na (center) and AlPal (right). They came on our family beach trip last year, but this summer I had to miss it because I was in Philly.We made a quick trip to the beach for the weekend, just to keep with the tradition. I was SO sick, but managed to have a good time anyway. I'm definitely glad I stuck it out.
 This summer, I'm hoping to be healthy enough to go to running camp with my XC team in late July, or I may decide to go to the beach with my mom's entire family (all seventeen of us). Depending on what happens, I may go to another running camp the next week with BB's team, but we'll have to wait and see how the hip does (and what I decide about the beach). On that note, I'm also hoping to be able to do some sort of field hockey camp (I really want to go to the one at UNC, but I don't know if I'll be experienced enough), along with lifeguarding again and hopefully making time for my two favorite little boys, HB and WB, who I've babysat for almost a year now. Our household and my dad's family will be going back to our cabins on the hill at Hungry Mother State Park in June, and I'm very sad that the dates for mission trips and church camps didn't work out for 2011.

However, summer is a grand total of six months away, so I'm trying not to get too excited because a lot can change in six months. Does anyone else already have their summer planned?

Happy Monday!


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