Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Preppy Conversion

Those of you who know my brother know that he resists a "preppy" way of life. Or so I thought. Apparently he asked my parents for a pair of Topsiders for Christmas! Boy, was I excited. He has such an All-American look; it would be effortless for him to look the preppy part if he would ditch the ratty t-shirts in favor of a polo or two. And I must say, over the years, he has conformed to my wishes rather well. For example, my mom and I bought him his first pair of plaid shorts last year about this time, and much to our surprise, they got a lot of use this spring and summer.

Anyway, after much debate, we finally picked out these Sperry Originals for him to unwrap on Christmas morning:

I'll definitely post pictures once he gets them on. I'm so excited; we'll match! And Dad too! I love giving Christmas presents.

Have a great Tuesday; don't forget to watch Glee tonight!


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