Thursday, December 9, 2010

The quintessential Summer accessory

Playing off my Summer theme from Monday, I've decided to share what I consider THE most important accessory of the summer...

As a lifeguard, I found that my royal blue Douglas Aquatics croakies made my life a heck of a lot easier this summer. Because, you see, having sunglasses on while you're on the stand is all well and good, but when you get down and have to go into the significantly less-sunny bathroom or break room, you don't really want them on. "So?" you say, "put them on top of your head." Ahh, if it was only that easy... My head is wet, because I've just jumped in the pool to cool off after sitting in the sun for forty-five minutes, and my sunglasses would get wet and smudgy... Yeah. See my point?

Okay, so anyway, translation: Croakies are a must-have on the stand. Here are some that I'm definitely going to have to invest in before May. A girl can never have too many, right? Right.

You've gotta show your team spirit somehow!

A monogram adds a personally preppy touch. (Check out Marley Lilly for all your monogrammed Croakie needs!)

Um, is that seersucker I see? Count me in! Check out these adorable TUGS.

And of course, your VV Croakies... Not completely sold on these, but thought I'd throw them in here just because. (They come in a grand total of six colors, just so you know.)
Gosh, I miss summer. Only six more months! But in other news, only 16 more days 'til Christmas. Have you finished shopping yet? I haven't even started... Oops.

Have a terrific Thursday! I probably won't post anything tomorrow, considering the whole surgery predicament, but look for a Favorite Things post on Saturday!


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