Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another giveaway!

That's right, folks, The College Prepster is having another AWESOME giveaway. This time, she's featuring Marley Lilly, and they have the most adorable monogrammed items.

Check it out!
Monogrammed Croakies!


Be sure to enter her giveaway! She's giving away a monogrammed scarf and a monogrammed Croakie.  Enter here. Good luck!

In other news, I feel like all my posts for the last couple of days have been material-oriented and I feel like I'm giving the wrong impression. I really don't consider myself a materialistic person, but perhaps that's the way I have been portraying my interests through this blog. Clothes and shoes and accessories are fun to play with and talk about, but I do have interests besides those things. I'll try to be sure to do posts about other things in addition from now on. And why not start right now? (:
What did I do this weekend? Well, Friday night I went to our last home football game against our biggest rival and we won 28-12! Yesterday morning was the XC State meet and our girls came in 9th of 88. WOW! I am so proud of all of them!! What a major accomplishment. I was not able to go to the meet, so I ran errands and did some Christmas shopping with my mom instead, and then last night I got to babysit. The little boys that I babysit for on a regular basis are ADORABLE. One is 5, almost six; and the other one is 2 1/2. I love them so much. 

This morning I taught Sunday School to the Kindergarteners (SO CUTE) and at 3 I have a memorial service to go to for a good friend of mine's mom, who passed away Wednesday night. What a tragedy. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  After that, I have choir practice and youth group, and before I know it, it'll be Monday morning... Great.

Hope you're enjoying this last bit of weekend!


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