Monday, November 22, 2010

Falling in love with Love 21

Hello there! I apologize profusely for my recent absence from the blogging circuit... It's just been a crazy couple of days! 

This weekend was nice, I got a lot of work done (not as much as I should've, but a lot all the same) and spent some quality time with my family.
Today, I just wanted to share with you a little gem that I found while searching for tights on the other day... You ready?

Well, it's called Love 21,and it's practically my own personal Mecca. You know those times when you go into Forever 21 hoping to find, oh I don't know, a cute sweater dress or a nice skirt to wear to a party and all you can seem to find is clubwear, leather pants and stripper heels? Not anymore.

Ladies, here's what Forever 21 has to say about Love: 
"Love 21 offers a more sophisticated, modest fit than Forever 21."
HALLELUJAH! Preppy girls everywhere, I'm sure, are rejoicing with me as I look through page after page of appropriate, yet still youthful clothing. I LOVE IT!

Here are a several pieces that I may just have to add to my closet ASAP:

Adorable, right? Okay, so the colors are a little drab on a lot of their stuff, but that's nothing that a bright top and a great pair of shoes can't fix.

Some of the tops even looked a bit J. Crew-ish to me... You think?

The tops didn't catch my eye as much as the skirts and dresses did, but some of them are definitely cute. I think I might have to head over to Forever 21 and check it out... Or, just order online. That second skirt would be perfect for a holiday party! 

So, ladies, let's review: appropriate, [borderline] school-dress-code-compliant, adorable clothing at the oh-so-low prices that Forever 21 has become famous for. What's not to love??

Happy shopping!


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