Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five!

Indoor Track starts on Monday! Hooray!

This week's Friday Five are the five items that I'm looking forward to wearing this season!

Here we go!
1.) Underarmor Coldgear SubZero Mock Turtleneck... under my uniform, of course.
2.) ASICS Thermopolis LT Running Pant

3.) The North Face Glacier half-zip Fleece Jacket
4.) Nike Filament Run Tights
5.) I'm looking forward to being able to race, so I can get some spikes! (These are ASICS Hyper Roketgirl 4 Track Shoes)

P.S. Here's one more thing that I'm obsessed with for cold-weather running. They keep my feet dry and warm-- the two things you want when you're running and it's cold outside!
6.) SmartWool PHD Running Merino Ultra Light Micro Socks

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