Saturday, January 29, 2011

I think I have a problem...

I'm done with all my exams!!! Ah, what a relief. Now I have a three-and-a-half-day weekend to just relax and enjoy being stress-free, if just for a little while.


So yesterday I realized that I'm obsessed with sweaters. Pullovers, cardigans, cable-knit, ribbed, you name it. It's getting to be a problem.

But, I have an excuse: my school is FREEZING. All. The. Time.
I swear they keep the thermostats on like, 53 degrees at all times. And sometimes the AIR CONDITIONING comes on. Yep, that's right. Cold air blasting from the ceiling. In January.

Can you tell it's something I'm passionate about? It sort of bugs me.

Even in normal temperature situations, I'm that girl who's always cold. So you can imagine that school is a bit of an issue for me, temperature-wise.

My Patagonia has been the best solution for this problem, except it does have to be washed occasionally, and I really don't want to wear a variation of the same outfit every day.

So, sweaters are the only way that I've found to be able to stay warm during class without wearing my peacoat constantly.

Okay, rant over. I digress. 

My sweater collection is getting out of control, and I have no intention of holding myself back. Why should I? They're wardrobe staples, right?

Oh, and that's not all. I have a whole drawer-full as well... See what I mean?

My favorite place to get sweaters is Old Navy. They have so many different styles and colors, and you can't beat the prices. Here are some of the ones they have on their website that I love:

Also, earlier this fall, I was on the hunt for the perfect sweater vest. I looked and looked and looked and couldn't find one anywhere. I finally found one in the little boy's section of Kohl's... and it's perfect!

But now, L.L. Bean has one in lots of great colors that I may have to look into!

I love this blue! It looks like the perfect shade of Carolina blue.

Navy's a classic as well.

Hmm... Anyone else borderline-obsessed?

Have a great Saturday!


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