Friday, January 7, 2011

Ideal Bookshelf

In all of my online adventures last week, I stumbled across Jane Mount. She's an artist who paints pictures of people's ideal bookshelves. So like, you tell her the books you love and she paints them all together for you. It's such an interesting concept and it's so neat!

She has a sort-of blog about her work, it's called Ideal Bookshelf. She posts pictures of her paintings and shares who they were for. I could spend hours looking at her work, but here are a few of my favorites.

I love everything about her work! It's just so unique, and I love that she plays off the idea that you can tell a lot about somebody based on the books they have on their shelves.

These two are my absolute favorites:
I love the bright colors of the children's books and also the sort of symmetry to how they're stacked. 
I have most of these books on my bookshelf! Love love love.

These prints, and some of her others, are for sale (at very reasonable prices) on 20x200, and if you look through the seven or so that are up there, you can learn more about Jane Mount and why she began painting bookshelves in the first place.

I can't wait to show these to AlPal, definitely my most artistic friend, when I stay with her and her family this weekend. Mom's going off for a weekend with her girlfriends and Dad's leading a retreat at the local Boy Scout camp, so BB, LB and I will be left to our own devices... Well, not really. BB is staying with a friend of his, I'm staying with AlPal and LB is staying with our grandparents. It's gonna be a blast!

Happy Friday!


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