Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Midterm Essentials: Day Two

Today is my first exam! AHHHHHH! 

However, it is math, therefore, there's not much to study, just patterns to learn.  Which makes me a very happy camper.

But in order to prepare for my Spanish exam tomorrow, my second essential is flashcards.

Index cards, flashcards, tarjetas de repaso, whatever it is that you call them, it doesn't matter. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right? Well, flashcards by any other name would be just as helpful.

I use flashcards mostly for Spanish, but I have been known to use them in other subjects on occasion. 

I have a whole shoebox full of old index cards. It's kind of a problem.

My favorite ones to use are the colored ones, because it helps me to break up whatever it is that I'm studying. But sometimes I'll just use the white ones with different colored markers.

Flashcards are ideal for things like vocabulary (which is why they're so popular with Spanish teachers), but I also like to use them for things like chemical formulas for Chemistry, important concepts for AP Biology, or people, dates and places for history. What other subjects do you use them for?

Here's a stack waiting to be used on my desk.

And here's the Sperry box full to the brim.

Do index cards help you study?



  1. I love index cards.. but lately I've been using a dry erase board to study.. it's so helpful! Good luck on your exam!

  2. I'm obsessed with index cards! I use them for every class. Best of luck on the exam!

  3. I use index cards all the time! They make it so much easier to study!