Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A PB Teen Story

So, I promised you a story. And that's what you'll get. Hold onto your hats, folks. This one might take awhile.
One day last fall, I was flipping through the PB Teen catalog and saw a picture that looked a little something like this:

I fell in love with the idea... but not the $405 price tag.

So, I got to thinking, and ultimately, I came up with, "I can do that." I enlisted the help of my handy father, and together, we set off on about a seven month journey.

The project was finally completed last May, and I was ecstatic. I am SO lucky to have two parents who support me and allow me free range when it comes to my walls and craft projects.

Here's the final product:

The top left and bottom right squares are dry-erase board, the top right and bottom left are corkboard (please note the entire square devoted to Philly pictures, bottom left), the top and bottom center are chalkboard, the right and left center are fabric-covered corkboard, and the middle is pegboard.

Looks familiar, does it not? I was so happy with the way it came out. It's such a nice thing to have over my desk, because I can look up at it when I'm doing my homework or whatever. Love love love.

Another thing I look at a lot when I'm doing my homework are the pictures underneath the plexiglass surface of my desk. I have all sorts of pictures of my friends and I, as well as postcards and quotes that I've collected over the years. You can kind of see them in the picture above, but here's a close-up:

You can also see my Mason jar full of Sharpies, too, which is another thing I love about my workspace. But my absolute favorite thing about my desk? The windowsill.

It holds my jar of colored pencils, my Elements of Style reference book, a Webster's dictionary, Spanish-English dictionary, a jar of popsicle sticks (story to come in a later post), jars of colorful paper clips, my purple pen collection, a black and white beach picture (I love those!) and an adorable card that I had framed. 

I like that it gives me another shelf to spread things out on, and it keeps the top of my desk from getting cluttered. 

Do you have a special workspace? What do you love about it?

Happy Tuesday!


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