Monday, January 3, 2011

Tonight's the Night!

Gear up, everyone, because tonight's a night of premieres!

First up, at 7:58/6:58 Central, on ABC Family, is the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars. 

Also at 8, on ABC, is the premiere of The Bachelor. This is definitely a guilty pleasure, and I can't say I'm a devoted watcher, but Jake's back!

And finally, at 10, also on ABC is Castle. Mom got me hooked on this show a couple months ago, and it's so good! The writing is so witty and it's just really cute. You should definitely check it out! (If you've never heard of it and want some background, check out the Wikipedia article here.)

 Did I miss any? What are your favorite TV shows?


P.S. All images are c/o Google Images.

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  1. I am SOOOO excited the bachelor starts tonight! It's a guilty pleasure ;) I've never seen Castle but I might have to check that out! My favorite shows are GLEE and Modern Family.. they always crack me up!
    Thanks for following me! I follow you back now :)